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On the first of March 1974 Mike Judd purchased the assets of the Clutch Rebuilding Division of Partco Limited, which he had been managing for the previous two years. Changing the name to ‘Jayco Engineering Limited' the company progressed rapidly in the licensing era, which favoured rebuilding within New Zealand. It soon became apparent that the premises were too small so negotiations were made for our present site.

In 1975, still with licence being necessary to import most products, an opportunity arose to purchase an existing Christchurch wholesale importing business known as Auto Agencies Limited, with a partner, Roger Grenfell. This enabled Jayco Engineering Limited to import directly from overseas suppliers, which kept the product competitive. As the new premises were not completed until October 1976 the North Island Branch of Auto Agencies Limited had three locations until the final move in November 1976. 

The Company flourished through the eighty's. Then came the abandonment of the licensing system creating a flood of new product from third world countries. This caused many traditional wholesalers to close, or be taken over by overseas interests. 

Through all this Jayco Engineering Limited, now trading as MP Autoparts has and will continue to prosper by specialising in a narrower range of automotive products under the guidance of Greg Judd and associates. 






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