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“Stagecoach CityLine runs a 7 day bus service on tight schedules so we can’t afford downtime. MP Autoparts’ turn-around is outstanding, and it goes without saying that work with their clutches only has to be done once. A reliable supplier is one less thing to worry about.”
Bruce Kenyon, Operations Manager,
Stagecoach - CityLine Hutt Valley
“They know everything there is to know and the service is exceptional. We are very happy.”
Richard Pearce, Managing Director,
Automotive Brake & Clutch, New Plymouth
“We maintain several contractors’ vehicles & because MPA are willing to help after-hours if required, the job always gets done. I recommend MPA – their service and parts are second to none, and we’ve been around long enough to know!”
Shane Mendoza, Director,
Mendoza Mechanical Limited, Upper Hutt
“Thanks for your help in recommending a clutch solution for my 1uz transplant into my BMW E36 coupe. What you suppled works perfectly, the V6 Commodore HD pressure plate(2300lb clamp) and 10"plate double riveted was spot on. It gives a real nice pedal and works well with the hydraulic release bearing. The billet flywheel certainly makes the engine super responsive.”
Robert Fowler,
“I really did want to say that you (and Graeme) have been tremendously helpful and out of all the people I have dealt with in building this car (and there have been a lot) you have been the most polite and had the best customer service!
All the best and if I have the need for anything else, or know of anyone who does I will be coming back to you.”
“I would highly recommend Greg and the team at MP Auto Parts for professional knowledge, manner and service.


In December 2009 I had been having a number of clutch problems in my stockcar, I had contacted a number of people looking for someone who could give me answers and a resolution to the problem we were facing and to be honest most people I spoke to really couldn't help, buy chance I was put onto Greg at MP Auto Parts, from our brief phone conversation Greg was very informative and was pretty confident he could fix my clutch problem for me.

There is an old proverb which goes along the lines of "The proof is in the pudding" which means that the true value or quality of something can only be measured when it's put to use or tried and tested.

The meaning is often summed up as: "Results are what's not how you start, but how you finish."
Well I'm glad to say I no longer have any clutch problems and I can assure you that it has well and truly been put to the test!!

So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Greg and the team at MP Auto Parts "You are bloody life savers guys" and I will definitely be a customer who will sing your praise to fellow competitors. ”
Steve Halse

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